Tuesday, February 16, 2010

there are so many i admire

i have been thinking about the writers (bloggers) whose work i most admire. now that i've tried to start writing myself, i am encountering the stark reality of composing thoughts and creating a thematic approach to lay down the ballast for whatever might follow. it's hugely demanding for me! spit and baling wire, la belette rouge, a femme d'un certain age, how the heck do they do it?? they sally forth, speaking eloquently and freely with their unafraid voices. while i ask: how much to reveal? how much to say? the reserve i seem to hold so close...the dangers of self-revelation?! i suppose i must conclude that my vaunted belief in the possibilities and optimistic opportunites life offers must be offset by my unacknowledged fears? i mean, we all inhabit this world, and the dangers for one are the same as for all. mine is thus far a funny and unfocused blog. bear with me?

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

new york times crossword

i have a certain addiction going these days...to the new york times crossword. NOT to the monday puzzle, which is, frankly, for the brainless...but starting tuesday, it gets more and more fun until friday, at which time the mental exertion quota goes higher and starts to weigh me down. by saturday, forget it, pure frustration and brain strain. but then comes the sunday puzzle, the most fun of all. WHY do i like this?? my husband can't understand it, and our sons are puzzled. the only people who do understand are other addicts. it's like a special society, the guilty imbibers. and everyone has their own particular useage behavior...