Tuesday, January 12, 2010

a stolen idea

la bellete rouge writes a great blog, and one of her latest ideas is so good, i'm snaking it away and putting my local version together. she's a bit resentful she's living in southern california, but is putting together a long list of reasons it "doesn't suck to live there". her attitude charms and amuses, plus has the advantage of being funny.

100 reasons why living in the san francisco bay area is a pretty good deal:

reasons 90-100

100) it's possible to be outside every day of the year, and while it might be raining, bitterly cold, or searingly hot, we're still talking a range of 40-80 degrees f.

99) not too many "spare the air" days. some, though. sadly, the days we can't light a fire, or barbeque usually turn out to be the days you really would like a fire, or to throw some flank steak on the barbie. anyway, not too many, not yet.

98) there is only gentle pressure to get rid of wood-burning fireplaces, like banners across the road into and out of towns, for example. no actual banning.

97) the beach at crissy field allows dog off-leash. they just have to be under voice control, which seems so civilized.

96) the beach at crissy field also draws some great-looking dogs and fun people watching and talking.

95) plus you get to watch the windsurfers using the beach to launch from.

94) and you can walk to the warming shack at the end of the road for hot chocolate or coffee or tea, when it's open.

93) all the while, you will be staring up at the golden gate bridge above, and really, could life get any better than that?

92) fort mason, where you can go to the italian museum, the mexican museum, greens restaurant, (the best vegetarian restaurant in the city), the museum of modern art's artists' original works store, the sf main library's used book shop, etc., and also listen to the gulls screaming around like they own the place.

91) once you are dazzled by the spectacular floral arrangement as you enter greens restaurant, you might want to detour past the take-out counter, 10-4 pm. their chocolate cherry cookies and their fruit tartletts, well, beggar belief.

90) and still, there's more! you get to walk out past the sailboats in their berths, looping around the cove and catching the sting of sea air as you breathe it all in. and all of this is really crissy field and environs.





  1. Keep up the good work, "never-written writer" -- you're doing a great job.

    I'm sure your fans will soon be pouring in. Yes, isn't La Belette hilarious AND a brilliant writer?

    What a pleasure to meet you. Oh yes, btw, I take it you're slim? That means you can wear anything.

    Warm regards,

  2. thank you, tish! coming from you, that means a lot...

  3. So glad I could inspire this! You are too kind!! And, a big merci to Tish!!
    SF has so many things that don't suck. I love SF!!! Great list.:-)

  4. Hi Jadie,

    I'm just stopping by your blog after responding on your comment on mine... Glad to see you are a native Californian, like myself... although I'm no longer a "resident" California- I take my Cali girlness with me, wherever I go!!! I love LBR... She's great... and I love that idea... I should do one for Paris...hahah!Have a great weekend...