Saturday, January 1, 2011


OK! back again. i quit writing so early in the spring last year, the year of horrendous events. 2010: my mother is dead. my friend's son c is dying of cancer. my first career is over. i lost a uterus. my father is now walking again after major surgery, almost immediately after my mother's sudden death.

2011: a new year, and strangely, new hope. within the terrors of this last year, i found an ember alive, and i intend to nurture it with the care one derives from deep appreciation. it's odd, to discover that really, one can take so much. and go on.

I have a new career, and am encouraged, excited and challenged. and not in an "i wish" way. our son m is engaged to his darling girlfriend a, so a wedding will highlight 2011. we visited c and his wife today, sharing laughter and a rare afternoon of his feeling good. turns out both c and mr. view have sported mustaches in the view's dating to 1975, but still. a mustache is a mustache.

life really goes on, babe. watch for it.

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  1. Please let me be the first to welcome you back to active blogging, Jadie, after such a gruesomely challenging year.

    "Jesus H. Christ!," as we say in my family. Those are some wallops to take and still have the chutzpah to get back up off the floor! Bravo!

    Congratulations on having resurrected a new career from the crucifixion of the old one. That is extremely gratifying, I'm certain. I wouldn't mind having one of those--a career. I'm inspired by your example, so who knows what might be around the corner in 2011.

    Please accept my condolences in the loss of your own mother; my sympathy in the illness of your friend's son; my wish for stamina in the situation with your father; and complete solidarity regarding the dispatching of your uterus--I might as well not have had one for all the good my own did me...

    That is an enormous amount of loss to sustain in one 365 day cycle. I am in awe of your phoenix's rise from the ashes and will be looking forward to hearing from you here as 2011 unfolds day-by-day!