Wednesday, December 9, 2009

baby it's cold outside

san francisco's daily temperature, year round, is nearly always between 55-65 degrees f. this morning's 28 and this afternoon's 41 has been a shock to my system and to that of everyone i've talked to. what wusses we are! still, i suppose the chill is nothing like the one in tiger's house?

yesterday i shopped downtown at union square, and specifically went into neiman marcus because of the two black cashmere turtleneck sweaters for my sons' girlfriends. why? have you heard of "cyber monday"? neither had i, but the new "black friday" (after thanksgiving) which takes place only online has apparently been awarded its very own special, cute name, according to the new york times. so that monday, i straight away looked online and discovered it was TRUE! bargains everywhere! i returned the two sweaters i'd already bought at j.crew for $158, because neimans' were $100 each that day. no shipping. when they arrived, they'd been wrapped together, so i just took those babies downtown and got them each separately and beautifully re-wrapped. so worth the trip, my work is done.

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  1. I shopped black Friday in SF last year and I did really well. I hope that next Thanksgiving we can get back there. The sales at NM is enough reason to come. I also like lunch at Neiman's after. Very romantic dining room.