Thursday, December 3, 2009

i'll begin

living in san francisco with my husband, our dog and our cat, and nearby our 20-something sons is the starting point, and the reference point. i confess that my american point of view has the limitations and the potential advantages of being so rooted, my outlook informed by this, my questions framed by it.

i hope to bring something of my american life to this writing, and to open discussions with those who are interested.

this morning, the golden gate bridge is flooded with a cold fog, foghorns are sounding, and it's gray beautiful. i drive across the bridge every day, and have done for many years. i look at it anew every single time, morning, afternoon or evening. someday i'll figure out how to put a picture of it in here so you can see.

1 comment:

  1. Welcome to the cyberhood, Jadie! So nice to have you move in.

    It has been my good fortune to have known you as a visitor around these parts from time to time but it is great that you invested in a pied-à-terre of your own so that you can stay longer during your visits.