Friday, December 4, 2009

tiger, tiger

tiger woods, drawing back from the public, has drawn a line of demarcation the media can't brush away. i hope. i cringe from knowing the details of whatever he's been involved in, and i think he's correct in making clear those details are his family's business only.

i wonder if it's possible for anyone to stand their ground against the insatiable media hunger for shocking, lascivious news? queen victoria purportedly once said that people can do whatever they like, but not outside where it will scare the horses.

i silently cheer for him and his wife to keep it private. sadly, i expect to be disappointed.


  1. Hi there, I followed your link over from the comments on 'Italian Trivia'. What you wrote about your son resonated with me - our oldest is 15 and we too are having a heck of a time with him. (Nothing criminal or anything, just very angry, unmotivated at school, almost delusional that he knows everything and we know nothing!) When he was little we used to say that we had no fear of anyone kidnapping him - they'd soon give him back! It gives me hope that other kids grow out of their difficult personalities. And how cool that I found your blog right at the beginnning! Good luck with your writing. Patricia

  2. P.S. I guess the Google account is in hubby's name! P.

  3. hello gerry, and thanks for giving me my first comment! sorry to hear you're in the middle of adolescence with your guy, those hard, hard years. one thing that made a difference for our son at 15 was his finding an interest of his "own", which we funded and encouraged. is there anything yours might be interested in throwing himself into?