Wednesday, December 16, 2009

every year at christmas, and also at birthdays, pressure of my own making builds. it has to do with presents, of course, and finally i decided that if i hit it with someone every 5 years, i'd count that a success. but this year! well, suffice to say, i found a terrific, fun gift to give my friends at MOMA online. it's a silicone pig pot cover, for microwaving and more. it cost next to nothing, and it's a big, big wow. i mean, looking for something to cover microwaving containers has been a huge dilemma for me for YEARS. don't want to use plastic wrap, for the pcb's that'll kill us. waxed paper slips off as the turntable rotates. lids don't fit properly, or no lids at all, and food spatters. well, don't want to burden you with the minutia of my pathetic mind, but i have to say, this pig cover is going to make everyone happy. and then i'll be happy. score for the next 5 years.

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